The first thing that needs to be established before selecting a wedding dress is your body shape, so therefore honesty is the best policy. Are you: –


Apple (triangle downward)

Apple-shaped women have broader shoulders and bust, and narrower hips.

Banana, or straight (rectangular)

Banana-shaped women’s waist measurement is less than 9 inches smaller than the hip or bust measurement.

Pear, Spoon, or Bell (triangle upward)

Pear-shaped women’s hip measurements are greater than their bust measurements.

Hourglass Shape (triangles opposing, facing in)

Here, the hip and bust are almost of equal size, with a narrow waist.


What’s your bra size?

  • 32 (A-F Cup)
  • 34 (A-F Cup)
  • 36 (A-F Cup)
  • 38 (A-F Cup)

Wedding Dress Tips

Everyone has parts of their body that they’re not so happy with, but even A-celebrities have learned to accentuate their good points and keep out of sight the bad features.

A-line Style Wedding Dress

An A-line wedding dress classic suits every bride, whatever her size. From the fitted bodice, the skirt flares out on each side loosely as opposed to fitted to flow and covers any skinny or flabby body parts. This skirt always looks fabulous, if you want to not take any risks. Best to perhaps try on a few different dresses in this particular style and certain you’ll be pleased with the end result.

Classic pear body shape

If you have a classic pear body shape, which is slim on top and bottom heavy, empire-line dresses are perfect for your body shape because it will accentuate your small upper frame while hiding imperfect hips and legs. Falling directly from the bust line into loose folds, this shape suits shorter brides who are smaller ‘up top’.

The draped top half will highlight your bust while the flared lower part will showcase your curves. Don’t wear a wedding dress that clings to your bottom half too much.

Bustle Style Wedding Dress

 Brides will need to be tall and fairly leggy to confidently for this style of wedding dress. It’s not a wedding dress style for the small and curvy.

A bustle style skirt is fitted at the bodice with a flat front, a bustle skirt at the back with cascading frills, folds, flowers, lace – whatever you personally find important and preferable.

Brides look fabulous from the back as they walk down the aisle wearing this style of wedding dress. Especially standing making vows to the click of photographs recording fond memories.

We recommend you don’t choose a long veil that keeps out of sight the bustle, as you want to show it off in all its glory.

Hourglass figure body shape

If you have a sexy hourglass figure (round on your top and bottom halves, with a slim waist), that is not too muscular, make sure you compliment your arms, thighs and bottom.Have the confidence not to try and slim it down or fit this too tight.

Showcase your fairy tale princess assets with this siren look. Do not hide your figure by wearing anything oversized, which will cover your sexy body curves. A corseted, laced bustier will highlight and properly feature your hips.
The top can be strapless or high necked and the bottom half accentuates your bottom, thighs and hips, fitting snugly into your curves.

Ball gown Wedding Dress Style

Unless you’re very short, a ball gown shape is flattering to most brides and never goes out of fashion. Elegant and fashionable twists to this style can include a hooped petticoat to create a crinoline effect or having a coloured petticoat.

Goddess Wedding Dress Style

If you’re in great shape with a toned and fit body shape, then this is a wedding dress option you may wish to consider.  It’s a wedding dress with an asymmetric skirt that is twisted into a column that lightly clings to the body – usually in a fabric such as chiffon. These wedding gownsare normallydesigned with varying neckline options. You could have strapless, one shoulder or capped sleeves and this style of wedding dress can look perfect at a sunshine destination wedding.

Draped Wedding Dress Style

If do not wish yourstomachto be on show, a side-draped skirt can give you the camouflage you need. This style of wedding dresses has a skirt that is ruched and swagged over the waistline with the folds flowing fluidly down through the skirt. If you have a slim waist this style of draped wedding dress will make the best of your features and you won’t feel you have to struggle with holding your stomach on your special day.