Kitchen Aid Artisan Nespresso 5kes0503ber

Kitchen Aid Artisan Nespresso 5kes0503ber

The stylish and elegant KitchenAid Artisan Nespresso coffee machine is innovatively manufactured in premium die-cast metal for a sleek finish, with Nespresso coffee quality included via the 19 bar high-pressure structure; and comes with a hefty price tag ranging from £269-£309.

This advanced premium coffee machine offers variable brewing strengths of coffee to taste and volume control with 6 settings (25-40-60-90-110-130 ml), from a short shot of espresso coffee to larger Italian-style coffee.

The robust Artisan Nespresso coffee machine comes with easy loading and smart hands-on operation with the Nespresso designed capsule manual loading system. This top-end purchase coffee machine is supplied with a 1.4 litre removable water tank, which ensures easy filling and multiple servings of an artisan coffee experience in the comfort of your home.

Users can heat up coffee within 30 seconds, making that morning rush more bearable by enjoying instant Nespresso coffee. This is supplied with intuitive indication of machine status with LEDs.

Several KitchenAid special features include 6 pre-programmed cup sizes, emptying method for care and cleaning and a descaling mode to make sure all of the hard work is done for you.

KitchenAid’s Artisan Nespresso coffee machine specification: –

Brand: Kitchen Aid

Model number: 5KES0503BER

Dimensions: H33 x W20.8 x D33 cm

Power: 1160W

Capacity: 1.4L

Coffee Type Information: Pod

Types of coffee produced: Espresso, Americano

Filter Included: Stainless steel

Pressure: 19 bar

Removable Reservoir: Yes

Auto power-off mode: Yes

Cost & availability: Selling price ranging from £269-£309 and subject to fluctuation. Available from most reputable online electrical retailers/ electrical goods stockists such,, and Recommend a price comparison (including delivery) prior to any purchase.