Victoria Beckham’s #Selfie With VB Mobile Phone Case attracts social media attention

There has been a great deal of interest on Twittersphere and the social networks in relation to Victoria Beckham’s VB monogrammed mobile phone case.Victoria Beckham VB Phone CaseRumour control and the jungle drums are sounding out that this VB Phone Case is made of marble, so I’m quite sure this will command a hefty selling price, if and when this is perhaps released for sale. You would think it was made of or worth its weight in gold, as there has been very little photographic coverage of this potential Victoria Beckham accessory.

After all when it comes to ‘street cred’ when you’re on the phone, it really matters, and this has now become a ‘must-have accessory’.

That’s self evident from Victoria Beckham taking a mirror selfie at her Dover Street store in London. The designer was immaculately turned out but our centre of interest was on her VB iPhone case.

There, against the black background and in bold white letters, were the very prominent initials, VB, on the back of the phone case for all to see. That focal point is now mainly what we inquisitively see – the VB Phone Case.

This truly is the one item ‘must-have accessory’ that will always go with any outfit — and that you’ll always show off. It’s now just a case of finding out, if and when the Victoria Beckham VB Phone Case will be released, and if so, at what cost.


(Image credit: Victoria Beckham Instagram)