Drinking habits for a great deal of people drastically change whilst out socially in the run up to the festive season. Such as, there is probably more ‘fizz’ drank than any other time of the year, for example. The same could be said for beverages such as port, sherry &c.

Chambord Rasperry Liqueur

Chambord Rasperry Liqueur

In keeping with that theme there seems to have been a further significant shift whereby party season revellers are not solely content to consume their ‘fizz’ on its own. This has led to significant increase in popularity with Chambord, a luxurious French black raspberry liqueur, with intense raspberry and vanilla notes, which is perfect to enjoy with Champagne, Cava, Prosecco or within Cocktails.

For a delicious cocktail, simply take a glass of Champagne, Prosecco or Cava and add Chambord to deliver a mouth-watering and pleasurable Chambord Royale.

So where has Chambord been? This is not a new ‘kid on the bloc’. Chambord was founded in 1982. The drink was created after being inspired by raspberry liqueur made in the Loire Valley in the late 1600s. It was common during that time for liqueurs and cognac to be consumed with appetising meals.

Chambord Liqueur is made with all natural ingredients and is a 16.5% abv raspberry liqueur made from red and black raspberries, Madagascar vanilla, Moroccan citrus peel, honey and cognac. Whole raspberries and blackberries are soaked in French spirits for a period of several weeks to produce a fruit infusion.

After the infusion is extracted, an additional set of spirits is added to the fruit and allowed to rest for a few weeks. After this second infusion is drawn off, the remaining fruit is pressed to obtain the natural sugars and juice. The fruit-infused spirits and juices from the final pressing are then merged. Finally, the berry infusion is combined with a proprietary blend of cognac, natural vanilla extract, black raspberries, citrus peel, honey, and herbs and spices.

Chambord is sales & marketing packaged comes in a unique spherical bottle. The bottle was modelled after a cross bearing orb. In addition to redesigning the bottle for the traditional Chambord liqueur, the manufacturer has also begun using the Chambord brand name on a flavoured vodka.

This Black Raspberry Liqueur from Chambord comes in a 20cl 13 serves (approx. 15ml per serve) in each bottle. There is 30 calories per 15ml serve.

Common cocktail drinks made from Chambord include the Raspberry Margarita, French Manhattan, Butler Miller (Chambord Vodka Gimlet), Kir Imperial (Chambord and Champagne), Chambord Daiquiri, Chambord Royal Spritzer, Lemonado (Vodka, lemonade and splash of Chambord), Little Purple Men, The Purple Hooter Shooter, Sour Grapes, Black Opal, Peanut Butter and Jelly (with Frangelico or Castries Peanut Cream), Grape Crush, the “Blood of Christ”, Grateful Dead, and the French Martini . The French Martini started the “cocktails as a Martini” craze.

Below are some examples of the cocktails you can make up or buy using the Chambord Rasperry Liqueur.

Chambord Royale:

Add Champagne, Cava, Prosecco or sparkling wine into a flute glass and top with 15ml serving of Chambord. Decorate with a raspberry.

Chambord vodka lemonade:

Discharge 25ml Chambord and 25ml vodka into a tall glass filled with ice and top with lemonade. Embellish with a slice of lime.

Chambord spritz:

Pour 125ml dry white wine into a large wine glass filled with ice. Then add 50ml Chambord and top-up with soda water.

French Martini:

Blend 15ml Chambord, 50ml vodka and 60ml pineapple juice in a cocktail shaker, strenuously shake with ice and serve in a martini glass.

Award Winning Liqueur:

From 2007 onwards, Chambord has won silver and bronze medals from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Other spirit ratings organisations have rated Chambord very highly as well. Based on Chambord’s reviews from various professional raters, Proof66 has categorised Chambord as a “First Tier” liqueur.

Drink & Enjoy Responsibily:

Please enjoy Chambord responsibly. Visit ChambordChannel.com for more cocktail and recipe inspiration.

General Information: –

Alcohol: Chambord Rasperry Liqueur

Made in: France.

Size: 200ml.

Alcohol Units: 3.3

ABV: 16.5% vol.

Alcohol Type: Liqueur

Storage Type: Ambient

RRP: Ranging from £6 – £7.50 and best to do an online price comparison prior to any purchase.

Availability: Normally available from stock at the likes of Morrisons, Tesco, Asda & Sainbury’s, for example.