This Works Bedtime Story with Deep Sleep Pillow Spray for a good nights’ slumber

There is nothing worse than sleep deprivation. I don't know about you, but if I arise after not having a good nights' sleep, it gets me off to the worst possible frame of mind and start to the day. To the extent, I feel as though I am 'grumpy'.  I thought my bad sleep patterns [...]

This Works No Wrinkles Active Serum for Your Skin in November

Your skin during November does not yet require the heavy duty moisturisers, so it’s all about finding a balancing serum. This Works’ no wrinkles active serum, applied in the morning, contains anti-oxidants and Vitamin C to help combat free radicals, encourage cell renewal and encourage the production of collagen. An Anti-oxidant rich fluid restores radiance to help [...]

This Works The Big Sleep Pillow Spray, Oils & Balms for a Good Night Rest

The Big Sleep is exactly what I need to re-charge my batteries and be ready to go the next day....... For those of us who suffer from sleep deprivation, insomnia is not a nice thing and leaves you feeling lack lustre and with no energy for the next day. It is therefore essential that light [...]

thisworks Pillow Spray is a Cracker of a Christmas Gift for a calm Festive Period

SLEEP SPELL CRACKER from thisworks Take action to reduce or prevent restless nights and broken sleep with this fast- acting natural remedy from thisworks. Pull this Christmas cracker to discover a scaled down, travel-sized version of thisworks bestselling deep sleep pillow spray, which contains their signature calming blend of Vetivert, Lavender and Camomile essential oils. thisworks [...]

thisworks deep sleep bath oil to help you unwind & soothe you to sleep

The showcased thisworks deep sleep bath oil is a luxurious multi-award-winning bath oil to soothe you to sleep. WHEN: the true bedtime gratification, this sumptuous and indulgent bath oil helps bathers unwind, soothing your mind as you relax and wind down. HOW: thisworks therapeutic natural Superblend of Lavender, Vetivert and Chamomile is created to spa strength to assist relieve tension, [...]

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