Lancôme’s “Second Skin Mask”Lancôme’s “Second Skin Mask” is a 20-minute face mask for immediate visible results. Lancôme sales & marketing says that after just one use of the mask, your skin will look instantly fresh, smoother and radiant.

Lancôme confirms what the mask does…

Lancôme state this facial sheet mask is enriched with their best-selling serum technology and gives you glowing, younger-looking skin. The Lancôme sheet adheres softly to the contours of your face, almost like a second skin. This restores skin with moisture, leaving it looking smoother and sparkling, with a soft and smooth feeling.

This Lancôme facial mask has been tested on Asian skin under dermatological control and has been found to be suitable for sensitive skin.

Lancôme States How to use mask?

1. Take off the outer packaging
2. The mask is folded between two mesh sheets. First, unfold the mask and then peel one mesh sheet away and discard.
3. Apply the mask to your face (mask side down) using the eye and mouth holes to guide you. Once you’ve applied it, remove the second mesh sheet from the outside.
4. Use your fingers to smooth the mask gently over your face. Avoid eye area.
5. Leave it on for 20 minutes.
6. After removing the mask, gently massage any remaining serum into your skin until absorbed, avoiding eye area.
7. Apply twice a week on a perfectly cleansed face before your usual beauty routine.

Price & Availability:

£59 direct online from Lancôme at website: