easy-tips-and-tricks-on-how-to-wear-your-perfumeIs the perfume off?

Quite often when you apply what you think is a lot of perfume, you can no longer smell the scent a few hours later.

This is perhaps our own doing, as experts have highlighted that storing fragrances on windowsills or poor storage can result in sunlight evaporating its character. This results in the perfume losing its intensity and impression. Another £50 wasted and new purchase is often required.

Beauty experts are recommending that to extend the lifespan and potency of fragrances by up to two years, it is best to cover it in foil and leave it in your fridge.

If you are using a perfume and unsure if this has gone off, you can test the scent on a tissue. If it smells sour, heat and oxidation many have broken down the fragrance molecules and then unfortunately the fragrance is unusable.

Fragrance Long Lasting Effect

 The belly button, ankles and behind the knees are areas of the body, which carry fragrance for a long-lasting effect. Perfume will be most effective applied on pulse-points or where there is good circulation and warmth (i.e. wrists, throat, behind the knee and inside the elbow).

The leading brands of top-end fragrances recommend that layering different textures of a fragrance is the best way to create depth and to enhance the longevity on the skin. They further suggest that it is best to always moisturise before you spay yourself with your favourite scent.

Try beginning your layering ritual with an energising body, citrus hand wash and then pamper yourself by applying an indulgent body crème finished with a splash of cologne. The moisturising combination of beauty products and scents layered on your skin creates a scented base for your favourite fragrance combination to adhere to.