Getting married can be a very stressful event as you try to pull everything together for the big day, and sometimes there can be some hitches, glitches and things which do not work out as you intended, no matter how much intervention to resolve a problem.


In fact, only yesterday I was watching the Judge Rinder tv programme where a couple were suing a wedding photographer for not providing two photographers at the wedding, which resulted in parts of the memorable day being missed. Judge Rinder ruled that the married couple should receive compensation of £250, and the cause of the problem was a lack of clarity within the ‘Agreement’ between the parties.

This just illustrates the importance of ensuring ‘attention to detail’ and there can be no ‘gaps’ or uncertainty, with regards to the wedding services which are being provided. It does not get any more basic than whether there should be one or two photographers at a wedding.

What falls from that is how could one wedding photographer be covering both the bride and bridegroom getting married at the same time? The groom was under the impression there was no such coverage, the bride was of the view this was part of the contract and the photographer was operating on the basis the bride did not want too many bodies involved at the wedding, and there was no need for a second wedding photographer. The wedding photographer package that was offered and purchased was for two photographers, so any changes to that should have been covered by a disclaimer.

As part of my top quality wedding services, I aim to take away additional interfaces and reduce stress for the bride or wedding planner. I shall provide top quality make up artistry and hair up, taking full cognisance of the venue, colours, lighting, clothing, skin texture, hair type &c.

Having got married around 3 1/2 years ago, I thought to myself, how much simpler and less stressful this would be if I just had one competent person calling to do my hair and make-up as opposed to different appointments for my hair and makeup. Also, it was clear to me that these separate wedding services were being done in isolation and with no discussion between the make-up artist and hair stylist, which I felt was a recipe for disaster.

Really I should have picked up on this for my ‘trial’ – how can you have a ‘trial’ for your hair up, which does not take full cognisance of the venue, colours, lighting, clothing, skin texture, hair type &c. Whilst the hair might look great when you evaluate this on its own, there could be a clash with hair and make-up. For example, if someone has a long or round face and you wish to get the most natural and beautiful features for memorable photographs, the hair being up too high or low, could be at complete-odds with the make-up.

At the end of the day, I greatly believe in the philosophy its the bride’s day. I can only make suggestions but if the hair is not done right (or vice versa, make-up) taking full cognisance of essential considerations, this can only lead to a “patched together” look for the bride. It is therefore essential that either the make-up artist and hair stylist are in close contact, which can create more stress and interfaces, or I feel it is best to get these wedding services done by someone like myself who will deliver the required ‘look’ as a modern seamless package.

This is not just my biased view of the world, by adopting a more proactive and innovative approach to wedding make-up artistry and hair up for your memorable day, but sharing my own experiences of my wedding day. Whatever way you decide to go, congrats and good luck for your big day – if I can help you in any way, please e-mail me at X