This lovely and unique mermaid tail blanket is lightweight and soft.

Mermaid Tail Blankets

        Mermaid Tail Blankets

The bottom is open because to allow young children to stand up in them. There is an opening on the underside of the mermaid fin, as some children can often become warm and need to have somewhere to get some air on their feet.

The child-sized blanket may fit a smaller adult. If you have an older child, consider the adult mermaid tail blanket for them as well.

The fabric will stretch with washing, wear and tear, but not as much as you think it will. Very well designed and perfectly made, and will be cherished for a long time by my 5-year old daughter, Lillie, and I.

If you are looking to buy this, please visit or search on google under ‘mermaid tail blankets’ to do a price comparison. The price can vary from £7.25 – £20, dependant upon your preferred choice.

By GemmaL