macmillan-coffee-morningI recently had a charity coffee morning in Aberdeen for the MacMillan Charity and we managed to raise in excess of £300.

This was so much more than raising money for a great cause. Life is so frantic at times, the only opportunity my family and friends to all get the opportunity is either at weddings or funerals.

At this gathering of family and friends, we had four generations from great grandchildren through to great grandparents. It was also great to see those who could not come along due to work commitments &c., making such a great contribution. They may not have been there in person, but they were ‘in spirit’.

My “Uncle Tommy” and “Aunty Hilda” did some fantastic baking, and we received some great gifts for prizes, to make the gathering an eventful and memorable day. My grandmother, Lily, and grandfather, Jim, also supplied some freshly made sandwiches.

There was approximately twenty people in attendance and everything went to plan. I had set up tables and chairs outside for a bit of al fresco but everyone preferred to be indoors, despite it being a lovely day outside in Aberdeen; and I was a bit apprehensive of the Aberdeen weather forecast.

Most people took full advantage of family and friends being together to just catch up with what has been going on in other people’s lives. It’s a small world at times, and it’s amazing how different sides of the family knew ‘friends of friends’ from other areas within the city of Aberdeen.

If you are thinking about having a MacMillan Cancer Charity coffee morning fundraiser, I’d highly recommend this. I received a party pack from MacMillan and was able to pay the money raised straight into their account at the local post office.

As I said above, this is so much more than raising charity money for a great cause, it’’s an opportunity to all get together. Life is too fast, do not miss out on these opportunities!