This juicy shaker from Lancôme looks very colourful and cosmetically appealing but failed to live up to my lip smackers taste and smell expectations.juicy shaker from Lancôme

As a long time admirer of Lancôme beauty products, I purchased this Lancôme juicy shaker thinking my lips would be really glossy, natural looking and durable. How wrong could I have been so wrong and must confess to being completely dissatisfied with this beauty product by Lancôme.

I was endeavouring to find a replacement for Lancôme juicy tubes, which seem to be discontinued. To my disappointment I wasn’t at all happy with the Lancôme juicy shaker. It didn’t last when applied, scarcely stained my lips and I therefore must give it the thumbs down.

Lancôme sales and marketing claim this is the ultimate lip gloss, which has bi-phased formula pairing nourishing lip oils with beautiful pigments for ample but natural looking, glossy lips.

These nourishing and healthy oils contain sweet almond oil, omega 3 and cranberry oil. The Lancôme applicator feels soft to the touch, allowing the gloss to melt onto the lips. The formula is designed to be non sticky and non-drying.

Lancôme claim the more you shake the stronger the colour gets, and apply them onto your lips. For a more natural makeup look, it is recommended by Lancôme you shake them a few times before application. For an extra colour burst with a glossy finish, apply on top of lipstick.

In summary, this was very disappointingly a total waste of money and I have discarded this juicy shaker by Lancôme. I am now the look-out for a similar product, which is fit for purpose and durable, after giving it a really good shake!


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