lillie loggie face paintI should have more sense than to mention to my 4 1/2 year 0ld daughter, Lillie, that I was taking bookings for Halloween face painting.

Also I should have perhaps kept my voice down when I was discussing possible requirements with clients. My daughter seems to have ‘roger rabbit‘ ears and I was subject to non-stop hounding for me to do various makeovers with my little princess, with her insisting on being the model.

My ears were ringing with “mummy can you do this and can you do that“; and then we were in ‘thought’ mode for what sort of fun faces we could put on her. I face painted Lillie with the flower power skull, which had neon colours. This did not suffice and led to further requests and demands from my daughter for other types of face painting.

The next request was for a clown face paint, which normally has nothing whatsoever I feel to do with Halloween, albeit I did give it a scary clown appearance to be on trend. I did manage to try and take this away from being something I would be delivering for a children’s party, and give this more of a scary face twist for Halloween.

Lillie, was still asking me for further face paints. To ensure peace, tranquility and harmony in the household, I agreed to do one further makeover for her. Not content with this, Lillie, insisted on getting dressed up for the occasion as a ‘little devil‘.

It’s been another eventful day in the Loggie household and my mini model, Lillie. We’ve both had great fun. It’s now time for putting my feet up after a cup of coffee. Just forgot, I need to do some housework, walk the dog and try to get my business moving forward. The joys of being a wife, mother and business woman.

That’s the phone going, probably a booking for face painting at Halloween. Lillie, do not even go there!! LOL.