It’s that time of year again where all the children (and adults) are starting to get excited about Halloween.halloween kids face painting 1

As you can imagine as a makeup artist this can be a very busy and quite stressful time of the year, when I am trying to accommodate everyone and my diary is usually very busy. Especially, just prior to Halloween’s night, where there is a mad panic to have all the kids’ faces painted as part of their celebrations.

You might be surprised at the variety of events that actually need face painting done for Halloween. Some of my clients even include a ballet class, whereby all the young ladies are having a tutu-free day off and getting dressed up in Halloween outfits and their faces painted to match.

A number of perspective clients have been in contact to sound out ideas for this Halloween, and looking for that little bit something different. My first response to that is, it’s a very personal thing and very much on what face painting image the client is looking for.

Halloween Face Painting 2I have advised it is either a choice between a zombie bride, half skeletor with jewels and eyelashes, for example. Options open to clients are the straightforward selection of either a glam versus scary look; or somewhere in between i.e. a vampire one-side and glam skeletor down the other side of the face. The glam and scary look can have big lashes and red gemstones around the eyes, for example.

As I said, my diary is filling up and I would not like to disappoint, so if you need my services, please do not hesitate to get in touch. If I can be of some Halloween makeup ideas assistance, or your wishing to make a booking for your child to get a Halloween Face paint experience in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire, please email me at

Snooze, you lose. All the best to you all for Halloween!