Whatever hair design you require, I’ll help you find an inspired look just for you,that’s a perfect fit for your special day.

I can provide up-do’s, curly, straight, long, short etc., right through to the following types of hair braids.

To ensure everything goes smoothly and positively on the special wedding day, I can provide a bridal trial. At the trial, we discuss what the bride’s personal requirements, her ideas and takes cognisance of what she plans to wear, to avoid any colour clashes. We agree an inspired red carpet look that will enhance the bride’s beauty and complete her look (and an aligned bridal party i.e. bridesmaids etc.) in proper preparation for the big day. The inspired look will be agreed and practiced to ensure a realistic visualisation of the craved outcome, and ensures the big day runs as smoothly and glitch-free as possible.

Chic French Braid

A combination of natural and well manicured is a fantastic way to apply your French braid to stick out from the crowd. This particular style of French braid will look glamorous on round-faced clients wishing to appear slimmer. Long, thick hair is ideal for this chic style of French braid.

Sassy Side Pony Braid

Sassy side pony and buns are all the rage at the moment, fuelled by many A-Celebrities selecting this particular style of elegant hairstyle for special occasions. By me adding the twist of a braid, makes this classic looking hairstyle look more modern and romantic for your special day. This sassy side pony hair-up design is fabulous for someone who has a round face and wants these personal features to appear slimmer and narrower. If you have thick hair with not many layers, this might be a fantastic choice for you.

Stylish Hippy Braid

This type of natural braid helps showcase your best facial features and the end product helps keep hair out of your face on your special day. This style of hair braid looks great if you have short, medium or long hair. In terms of face framing, a client who is looking to soften her jaw line would love this hippy braid style.

Big Hair Braid

If a client is looking for a modern, trendy and Mohawk look, this big hairstyle is perfect for you. This inspired hairstyle is best for those with long hair that is on the thicker side or hair extensions might be required. The end product will deliver a small, compact face with the appearance of a lot of length and really showcase your features.

Swanky Back of the Head Braid

A stunning look that will have you standing out from the crowd. This inspired challenge requires a lot of patience and work to perfect, hence this inspired hair design is one of the less popular choices, especially when time is of the essence. This swanky style of braid is perfect for client’s looking to elongate a rounder face. Longer (and thicker) hair will be easiest and quickest to braid.

Tri-Braid Updo’s

This tri-braid style of hair design is elegant and easy to stay in place for your special day. Perfect for clients with thick hair and looking for a rounder face to be elongated by this inspired look.

Twist of French Twin Braided Pigtails

This look is one of my favorites and rocks. It’s a unique and modern twist on French braided pigtails. Another practical win/win benefit is that it keeps your hair out of your face while still looking fabulous.This style of braided pigtails will look outstanding on someone with longer, thick hair. This look accentuates features and helps frame the client’s face, and most face shapes would be complemented by this appearance.

More than a one trick Pony with Side Braids

Subtly, little mini side braids make an everyday pony one of the prettiest and natural braided updos. This hairstyle will be easiest to design and produce if you have thick hair with minimal layering.

Half Up, Half Down Braid

This very popular hair design is often referred to as the Waterfall Braid and is elegant, natural and stunning. Looks fabulous left down around the face to soften features. This is a fantastic choice for a smart but more casual special occasion. Perfect for various thicknesses of hair, and is effective with either short or long hair.

Classic Braided Bun

A classic look that will work with the minimum of fuss. This hairstyle is fabulous for clients with very thick and long hair. This classic braided bun will look great on someone with a narrower or oval shape of face.

Multi-Braid Look

The subtle detail of multiple braids can add plenty to your look and really dress it up for a special night out on the town with your partner or friends.This look is perfect for clients with either short or long hair; and certain features would be softened by this inspired hairstyle.

Breezy Waves

Bendy waves with a wide-barrel curing iron. Very natural and practical, which will only get better as the night goes on, regardless of how active you’ve been on the dance floor.

Crown Braid

This very elegant hairstyle delivers some major Nordic princess vibes.

Foxy Fishtail Hair Braid

This braided hairstyle is vey stylish, timeless and incredibly simple to embed into your preferred look. It is a great way to keep your hair out of your face, and the focus shall be on your facial make-up, without losing style points.This braid style is glamorous on someone with long, thick hair. The style will accentuate an oval or oblong face shape.