Wedding at Maryculter House Hotel

I was really looking forward to meeting and doing the hair for new clients, the lovely Nicky and her

Maryculter House Hotel Aberdeen beautiful daughter, Skye, this past Sunday. This was after Nicky was recommended by another existing client, Janine, who also stays in the Kintore area of Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

I was doing their hair for a wedding reception at the stunning country house venue of Maryculter House Hotel, South Deeside Road, Maryculter, Aberdeen.

Maryculter House has a formidable reputation for delivering a quality wedding service, leaving brides, grooms & guests with memories that you will treasure forever: from small intimate Wedding Ceremonies for 12, to a grand wedding meal for up to 180 guests. Maryculter House has ‘picture perfect’ magnificent views over the River Dee and surrounding countryside and is uniquely suited to cater for all your perfect wedding requirements, to include a photo album to cherish. It was therefore important to me that Nicky and her daughter, Skye’s hair just not only met but exceeded their expectations.


Well that was the inspired ByGemmaLgame plan‘ and what was it our famous Scottish poet, Rabbie Burns, used to say – “the best laid plans of mice and men go awry!”

Everyone will be aware of the effect of Hurricane Matthew in Florida and the Carolina states of the USA, which my family joked was named after my husband, who says his spelling of this name has only one ‘t’, but there was plenty of ‘t’ (and ‘m’) heading our way! T for turnado – tsunami and M for monsoon.

The very strong wind and strong down pour sweeping across the North East of Scotland was incessant for several days, and when I awakened nice and early to get prepared for doing Nicky and Skye’s hair, I was very apprehensive. As a ‘contingency plan‘,  I thought I might have to pack not just hair lacquer spray and kirby grips but metal bars and extra strong superglue to try and keep their hair in perfect place for their special occasion. It looked hardly unlikely there would be any al fresco that’s for sure and it could have been ‘battle down the hatches’ time at The Maryculter House Hotel, who would have been well prepared for the possible inclement weather.

Hair Before

Nicky at Kintorenickys hair beforeOn arrival at Nicky’s it was important that I delivered the ‘look‘ and ‘feel‘ Nicky was after. This was made very easy by Nicky providing what she would like with feedback from me.

On reflection whilst I thought this could be slightly higher, I think that due to the bad weather forecasts Nicky’s choice was very wise.

I have uploaded some pictures of hair before I went to work.

Hair After

Please find below some pictures of hair when I had finished preparing Nicky and Skye for the wedding.


Nicky & Skye at Kintore

Kintore Client 1 pic 2







I am biased but I thought Nicky looked both elegant and glamorous, and her selection for the day was practical….And as for Skye, she turned out like a glowing little princess, tiara and all!

Best Wishes

I sincerely hope that everything turned out okay on the day for their special occasion at The Maryculter House, their hair stood up to the challenges of the North East of Scotland weather and thanks for their business. If Nicky finds time, I look forward to any positive or constructive feedback by way of review on my Facebook business page at as I am to not just meet but exceed client expectations, and will take all comments onboard in doing so.


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