NARS Sarah Moon Color Collection Duo Eyeshadow Indes Galante

The new and showcased Indes Galante Duo Eyeshadow from the NARS Sarah Moon Color Collection  consists of Iridescent Indigo Smoke (left) and Mulberry (right) colour ways.

NARS Sarah Moon Color Collection

          NARS Sarah Moon Color Collection

First of all, do not be off-put or intimidated by this coloured cosmetic pairing, as there are no rules to applying and matching eyeshadow. Different strokes for different folks applies. The lighter shade can be used as a base and the darker shade as a liner.

Modern, unique, sometimes unexpected colour combinations of eyeshadow shades can be fabulous. Worn alone or simultaneously, the NARS Duo Eyeshadow shades feature very fine powders that are highly pigmented, long lasting and crease resistant. The colour glides on delicately, consistently and gels easilly. The eyeshadow application results can vary from being of very fine and subtle appearance through to being sassy hot. The chic options are boundless.

Whilst certain people might err on the conservative side, as a makeup artist I like to think ‘outside the box‘ as to what works best for my clients and I. Sometimes I adopt a ‘no boundaries‘ approach with the Nars Duo Eyeshadows. On many occasions this can deliver very surprising, always interesting, elegant and glamorous results, which stand out in the crowd. The colours might not necessarily match in a classic or traditional sense. These eyeshadow colours will always make you be alluring, inspired and creative; and always make you want to explore the different ways of passionately and effectively  using the two shades together.

The true color application can be applied dry or with a dampened brush for far greater concentration and stronger intensity. This eyeshadow due has multi-function use for shading, lining and highlighting the eyes. You have the flexibility of choice to decide if you wish to have a classic, neutral, or on trend shade pairing as part of your eyeshadow application. Decisions. Decisions.

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