Clarins Natural Lip Perfector Product Review

The Clarins Natural Lip Perfector comes in three new colour shades – pink, orange and red and normally sells for £18, but it is best to do a price comparison before you buy. clarins-lip-perfector

The Pink Shimmer is a sheer coral pink with glossy finish. This is the fabulous shade to wear with your favourite coral pink lipstick if you want a shiny finish, it’s transparently thin so it won’t change the colour.

The Red Shimmer is pure red with a glossy finish. This is the most dry insoluble selection out of the 3 shades but it’s still a fine and delicate colour.

The Orange Shimmer delivers a sheer bright orange tint on the lips with a glossy finish.

The flowery packaging is slightly off-putting. This has been made by Clarins with a smooth, soft texture and melting texture to shimmer, moisturise, volumise and enhance for fuller, irresistible lips! The deliciously scented formula gives a superb reflection to lip’s natural colour while protecting them.

It nourishes, repairs and protects lips to leave them more kissable and simply irresistible. You can either apply alone or over lipstick to look radiant.

I regularly wear lip-gloss but I am conscious of the fact my hair often seems to blow onto my lips and then gets stuck there which I find a little bit irritating. I am so pleased with the look of this lip perfector by Clarins, this seems a distant and irrelevant concern.

I was pleasantly surprised at how subtle it became once I sparingly applied this to my lips and even more amazed at how much it greatly improved up my appearance. It became love at first sight.

I’ve not had any problems. If anything just the opposite actually, my lips feel nicely moisturised and nourished. I loved how the lip perfector easily went onto the sponge applicator and in a practical application way it stayed on. My experiences from regular usage is that I’ve had far greater than usual dry lips and bought more products to eradicate any further dryness and Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm or Vaseline is now surplus to requirements.

Suitability: for all skin types.

Size: 12 Ml.

Colours: Pink, orange & red shimmer.

Cost & Availability:

£18 online at, subject to availability and sale conditions.