Its that time of year again, with it starting to get colder first thing in the morning when we arise and travelling home in the dark when there is a need to ensure we are well wrapped up in the lower temperatures.the-hive-phone-app

To ensure I arrive home to a nice and cosy welcome, I use the Hive app on my phone to control lighting and heating within my home. The Hive wireless thermostat is the intelligent way to control your heating and hot water, at home or from your phone.

The Hive app is the mobile remote control for your home. A single app that lets you view and control all Hive products from your smartphone. You’ll never need to heat an empty home again, so you could save up to £150 a year on your heating bills.

Hive is so simple, practical and effective to use. On every occasion you buy something new you just pair it with your Hub and your user account is automatically updated. You can then start regulating your new product with the Hive app from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Hive Active Heating™ is the the UK’s most popular wireless thermostatHive, with its beautiful design and clever control is a fusion of form and function. It’s the smart way to control your heating and hot water, at home or from your phone.

You can switch your heating and hot water (if you have a hot water tank) settings from your phone, wherever you are. I even changed the heating temperature and hot water settings from the island of Lanzarote when it was snowing back home, to ensure we arrived home to a cosy home with plenty of hot water for showering after a lengthy journey back to the UK. Your holiday dates and your heating will go to cost effective sleep until you return so you can always come back to a warm home.

Hive Multizone is for when you have existing heating zones in your home. So if you have a thermostat upstairs and another one downstairs, you’ll require Hive Active Heating™ for your first zone and Hive Multizone for up to two extra heating zones.

The Hive Multizone upgrade kit includes the thermostat and receiver as the Hive Hub is included with Hive Active Heating™. The Hive Hub plugs into your broadband router so you can see and manage all your Hive products from your mobile, tablet or laptop. It’s included as part of the Hive Active Heating™ kit but if you’re new to Hive you can buy the Hub from their online shop.

A Smart Linked Thermostat enables you control both the time and temperature of your heating. By connecting to the internet your Smart Linked Thermostat lets you control your heating and hot water wherever you are. Your wireless thermostat controls both the time and temperature of your heating and your hot water, if you have a hot water tank. You can use your thermostat to adjust your current heating temperature, switch the modes and set a schedule for your heating and hot water.

Your wireless thermostat enables you the flexibility of controlling your heating and hot water manually. You can manually change the time and temperature of your heating and hot water (if you have a hot water tank). You can manually set daily schedules and boost your heating and hot water for up to six hours if you need extra heat and hot water outside your normal schedule. Set Holiday Mode for when you’re going on holiday so your thermostat goes into sleep mode and awakens upon your return.

Hive thermostat is installed by a trusted British Gas engineer, no matter who supplies your energy. Based on your phone’s location, reminders can be automatically sent to turn your heating on before you get home, or off if you’ve left it on when you go out.

You can set heating and hot water schedules to fit in with your lifestyle can be set between one and six time slots a days. You can switch your heating on and off, up or down and set temperatures. If you want to extend your heating outside your usual heating schedule, you can simply with great ease use the boost button.

When the weather drastically changes at very short notice in the winter, the Hive functionality deals with such changes to avoid pipes freezing and/ or bursting. This automatically activates when your heating is off and temperatures dip below 7 degrees centigrade.

Functionality includes your Hive Window or Door Sensor sending an alert to your smartphone if your window or door is opened or closed. Your Hive Motion Sensor uses an infrared detection system to send an alert to your smartphone if there’s motion in your home. Your Hive Active Plug™ lets you turn your home electrical appliances on and off remotely and set schedules for when they come on. A smart LED bulb can be controlled from your mobile, tablet or laptop; and set schedules and dimming levels. Full White Colour Xchange can be used to create the scenes to suit your mood and time of day.

The Hive support team have put together a series of helpful videos and guides to show you how to use their Hive products. If your ever experiencing problems with the Hive app or website, their online ‘Our Service Status‘ pages are updated to help you find out more and understand how your service may be affected if they encounter any problems.

The Hive phone app and thermostat has completely transformed my life, which used to revolve around me remembering to manual adjust my heating and hot water requirements. No matter where I am, I have the knowledge and comfort of mind that I can put on or adjust my personal requirements to suit my busy lifestyle.

I have become so reliant on this very simple to use process that even when I’m at home I will use my ipad to make changes via the Hive app as opposed to any manual adjustments via the thermostat. This in itself speaks volumes for how simply I can quickly make any adjustments to my heating and hot water requirements. I have no hesitation in highly recommending The Hive functionality to any perspective buyers.