Dress to impress with acrylic nail designs to match your personality

It’s true what they say – look fabulous, feel fabulous.

There is no point in having a beautiful outfit if you do not have the correct accessories to match, such as shoes, handbags, jewellery &c. The same goes for the rest of your appearance, whereby us ladies like to have our hair, makeup and nails making us feel glamorousacrylic nails

Nowadays, there are plentiful of acrylic nail designs, which are extremely popular just now. In order to deliver something significantly of value to your overall appearance, it is worth spending time in finding the perfect nail design that suit your personality.

Whatever shape of nail – Square, Squoval, Round, Oval, Almond, Coffin and Stiletto – there is something out there, which dovetails with your persona.

If you are not comfortable with a D.I.Y. acrylic nail job, its best to go to a reputable studio. Sometimes the best person for this task can be via ‘word of mouth’ from other satisfied customers.

Black with multi coloured glitter is one the most popular form of acrylic nail design. One of the reasons for that is the glitter being multi coloured stands out against the black background.

The best thing about asymmetric acrylic nails is that if this is applied proportionally this will be the perfect blend of nude, black, white and gold glitter.

Almond shaped white and black is a great combination when it comes to nail art. This delivers a charming, stylish and sophisticated look. This might be the perfect nail design for those looking to make a statement at a business meeting or corporate event.

One of the best nail colour combinations is white and gold in that it is both versatile and makes a bold statement. From corporate parties to social gatherings, this combination is sure to deliver an elegant feel and look.

If you are looking to be more adventurous, pink and silver are one of the most popular nail paint combinations and with good reason. The silver colour dovetails with the lighter pink in perfect harmony. Furthermore, the silver glitter is painted on is an asymmetric manner that makes it look unique and casual.

Nail designs that use baby pink and silver in blocks, can also nail paint design space out the silver in a way as to not be too much in everyone’s face. Since the colour of choice is baby pink, this is an essential characteristic that needs to be kept in mind to prevent overcrowding the nail space.

When it comes to symmetric shadings, pink and black seems to be all the nail art rage. Pink, white and silver designs are also a perfect way to impress anyone. However, the shade of pink is of significant importance as the white colour needs to be complemented correctly and not in a loud, obtrusively bright and showy fashion.

A pink red glittery heart design is very romantic for those special occasions such as date nights, Valentine’s Day &c. This nail art creation is both an innovative design and a unique expression of love statement. Pink, black and glitter colour way combination makes the design much more absorbing.

acrylic nails greyThe combination of nude and acrylic floral print is distinct and beautiful. There is a clear elegance to this acrylic nail design and the nude seamlessly joins together with a fragile, yet charming image of flowers.

French manicured nails can also add a swanky mode feel that make your nails stand out in the crowd. Rainbow shading instead of the usual French white manicured nail paint is a superb way to stand out as both unique and beautiful.

Rhinestone Acrylic Nail Designs when paired with a baser colour shines through in a very subtle way. The rhinestones do not dominate the nail surface and manage to look both sophisticated and elegant.

When it comes to acrylic nail designs, we are all spoiled for choice and sometimes it can be a case of ‘trial and error’. Personally, I very seldom go out socially or to business events with the same design and it very much depends on my mood, the clothes I am wearing; and even down to what makeup I am wearing or if my hair is up or down.

What it they say? “What is the secret of success?” Right decisions. “How do you make right decisions?” Experience. “How do you get experience?” Wrong decisions.

One thing is for sure, the happiest girls, have the prettiest nails!